React Native Connection - The French React Native Conference

React Native Connection is the first French conference entirely dedicated to the community of React Native developers.

This Spring, React Native Connection is back for a full day event filled with engaging talks and opportunities to connect with fellow developers from around the world!

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April 23
9:30 AM - 6 PM
Pan Piper

Call for Papers

The Call for Papers is your opportunity to join us on stage at the React Native Connection conference and share your research and ideas in front of our audience.

The CfP is currently open and will close on February 3, 2024.

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Kadi Kraman

Kadi Kraman


Kadi is a Software Developer, specialising in React Native. She's always excited to spread the word on React Native, and has created courses on Frontend Masters and Egghead. After many years of building React Native apps for clients, she joined the Expo team in 2023 as a Software Developer.

And More to Come

And More to Come

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All tickets provide full access to the conference, including talks, food and social events.

Discounted tickets are available in limited quantity and are attributed on a first come, first served basis.

More React? Meet React Connection!

Interested in the whole React ecosystem? Join React Connection, our conference showcasing the latest innovations in React, happening the day before React Native Connection.

Combine React Connection and React Native Connection for an inspiring two full-day journey!

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Everyone has been struggling to integrate with App Store and Play Store. Purchasely is the simplest and most comprehensive solution from store to paywall. Handling Apple, Google, Amazon, Huawei stores and also Stripe. Available in Swift, Kotllin, React Native, Flutter and Unity.

Media Logo is a remote React Native design and development agency based in France. We specialize in React Native, offering expertise in mobile design and development. Our teams build robust apps and contribute to libraries that drive the React Native movement. Our company is renowned for the Twitch show “Office Hours Des Pirates”, and we also organize React Native Bootcamps.

This Week In React Logo

This Week In React

This Week In React - Keeps you informed on everything React-Native!

Pan Piper • 2-4 Impasse Lamier, Paris

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<a href="">La Tech Connection</a>

La Tech Connection

Since 2016, the founders of La Tech Connection have been organizing international conferences and local meetups, including FrenchKit, CocoaHeads Paris and Swift Paris. In 2022 they decided to join forces to build La Tech Connection, with the goal of developing and bringing together the tech ecosystem in France.

Antoine Doubovetzky

Antoine Doubovetzky

Antoine discovered React Native when he joined BAM in 2017 and fell in love with the technology. He used it to create mobile and web applications for dozens of clients ranging from startups to large companies across different domains. Today, he leads BAM’s React Native team, bringing together over fifty experts. In his spare time, he is an ardent proponent of open source software and tries to contribute the best he can back to the community.

Alexandre Moureaux

Alexandre Moureaux

Alex has been developing React Native apps for the past 8 years (yup, he started using it before it was cool 😎). He's currently obsessed with performance and created Flashlight 🔦, a lighthouse for mobile apps. He truly believes it's our responsibility to develop performant apps, as one way to fight against climate change!

Thibault Malbranche

Thibault Malbranche

Thibault has been using React Native since 2017. With previous knowledge of Android and iOS ecosystems, he has been able to dive deeper into React Native core and popular libraries. Today, he is Lead Mobile Developer at Brigad where he shares his technical expertise with the rest of the team, while also maintaining open-source libraries and being part of the React Native releases team.

FAQ & Sponsoring

We have created a comprehensive FAQ to answer all your questions about the upcoming conference, covering general information, ticketing, speaking and more.

Check it out to make sure you are fully prepared for the event!

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